Jetting Leech Lines Palmdale CA

Jetting Leech Lines Palmdale CAA leech field, or drain field, performs the task of filtering and separating wastewater, from the septic tank before it returns to natural aquifers below the ground. All septic systems rely on the ability of the leech field earth to absorb water.

The most preferred method to maintaining the effectiveness of a septic tank and leech field is to have it pumped out and cleaned on a regular basis. Having these procedures completed on a routine basis will remove any non-biodegradable debris and substances along with the solid waste to help prevent the septic tank from going over its working capacity. An overfilled septic system can cause back up or overflow or even cause the tank to burst from the pressure.

Regular maintenance is crucial for sustaining the longevity and efficiency of your septic tank system. At Allstar, our professional septic contractors specialize in high pressure leech line jetting to help Palmdale residents maintain the life of their septic systems.

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